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We provide e-learning tools and projects for small, medium and large companies.

Increasing sales rates
Optimise onboarding
Increasing the efficiency of teams
Developing employees
Ensuring company security through testing and certification of the level of knowledge

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We help companies that seek to develop their partners’ product knowledge, technology, sales skills and commercial credentials.

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and training department

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Focus on efficiency


A flexible tool that can be used to improve many areas of your business. Share regulations, procedures, documents, tests or surveys, as well as comprehensively manage on-site and online training.

Digitisation of processes to improve efficiency

The rapidly developing market for modern technology offers unparalleled opportunities for fast and cost-effective training processes. Select them freely for onboarding processes, increasing sales efficiency or ensuring company security.

Dedicated training and animations

Together with you, we will prepare dedicated training courses, adjusting the form, length, content to your specific needs. You will transfer business knowledge to your employees in a fast and effective way. Our solutions are accessible and always of the same quality.


Learn Up Library has ready-made training courses that touch on universal business topics. Get proof of due diligence in familiarising your employees with mandatory RODO, health and safety or bullying legislation.

We increase efficiency,
reduce costs

We are experts in transferring knowledge through online tools. We know how to make our actions translate into measurable results.

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Why Learn Up solutions?

Support in onboarding

Traditional methods of onboarding new employees are no longer effective due to their lengthy duration, high costs and poor quality. But don’t worry! We have developed a special onboarding path that we can use every time a new person joins. This will save you time and money and ensure a better quality onboarding process.

Faster implementation of procedures

With our solutions, you can easily assimilate procedures, policies, product information, your organisation’s structure, operating style and standards. You can do this at your own pace, anywhere and on any device. This is a guarantee of security.

Controlling your progress

The Learn Up platform allows you to generate certificates when courses are completed. You can always check your employee’s progress, see what material they have read and how many tests they have passed. You have full visibility of the data and reports on his or her development.

Improving sales figures

With our specially designed development path on product knowledge, any salesperson can increase sales in every working hour. We know how to increase your organisation’s revenue, for example by increasing the number of products sold by 5-10% in a few quarters.

Ensuring company security

By implementing the highest standards of legal compliance, you will strengthen your company’s position. You will avoid sanctions from regulatory institutions and gain greater trust from investors, employees and customers. This means greater success and better prospects for your business.

The image of the modern employer

Young people entering the workforce, regardless of industry, love to use mobile devices. Therefore, modern learning methods such as videos, animations and drawings are ideal for them. They make learning more interesting and tailored to their expectations.

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Our retail client struggled with costly and ineffective communication of new…

Lack of uniform knowledge among employees

Our client, which is a medium-sized company in the legal area, had a problem with the distribution of training materials to several hundred consultants…

Ineffective onboarding

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