Case study

Trouble with courier turnover at TSL company

Medium-sized TSL company, franchisor.

Cooperation with independent operators with high turnover among couriers.

Cost of implementation, high turnover among couriers, frequent changes in customer service standards and procedures.

A collection of tutorials, procedures, courses containing the rules of parcel dispatch with different carriers, verified by periodic knowledge tests.

Reduced time to implement couriers – franchisee satisfaction.

Quick implementation of changes to added procedures/instructions, without the need to send them to individual branches.

Insight into the credit reports of its employees.

Evaluation of implementation progress by the franchisee.

Each employee has access to full knowledge, constantly updated.

Implementation process possible at any location.

Self-implementation tailored to learning pace, courier time, employee.

Comprehensive information in one place – saves time.

Access to up-to-date procedures, guides, instructions.

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