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The Learn Up e-learning platform is a constantly evolving, multi-modular, advanced tool, while remaining intuitive to use.

Platform functionalities

Among the available modules of the Learn Up e-learning platform are:

Implementation path
Knowledge base
Tests and surveys
Online training
Reports and statistics
Internal communicator
Platform configurator
User activity
Self-registration on the platform
Selling training through the platform
... and more!

  • Intuitive access to content for users - courses, knowledge base, tests, surveys, etc.
  • User-content availability can be flexibly configured based on subject groups, function groups and the company's organisational chart.
  • Possibility of creating a knowledge base based on various data sources - pdf, pdf newspaper, mp4, wav, mp3, doc, xls, ppt attachments, online youtube video and vimeo.
  • Clear and powerful test editor - simple addition of questions, customisable test and survey parameters.
  • A deployment pathway module that reduces onboarding costs and allows new employees to be on-boarded easily and without stress.

  • Intuitive user management system from the administrator level and from the manager level according to the rights granted.
  • Unlimited number of accounts with administrator rights.
  • Multiple communication possibilities - sending messages and announcements to designated groups or individual users, and the other way round - sending messages (also anonymous) from platform users using the "submit an idea/ask a question" button. Possibility to carry out communication within the platform without the need to have and enter users' e-mail addresses.

  • Transparent reporting module and real-time analysis of results.
  • Visual presentation of data.
  • Set of filters for generating reports (subject groups, organisational units, positions, date range).
  • Ability to export results in pdf and xls formats.
  • Percentage and numerical response statistics with insight into the answer sheet.
  • User activity log: logging in, starting training, adding, deleting accounts, etc.

  • An extensive platform configurator that allows you to customise many platform parameters yourself at no additional cost.

  • Extensive training creation module allowing, among other things, to define expiry dates, cancellations, mode and type of training.
  • Possibility for employees to enrol in training and for employees to enrol themselves in open training courses.
  • Administrator panel allowing for full support of training.
  • Trainer panel expanded to include the ability to add tests and surveys after training, their activation, as well as the generation of certificates.

  • Optional TrainApp traditional training module to manage traditional training within the organisation.
  • Full integration with ClickMeeting webinar/wide conferencing system allowing management from the Learn Up platform.
  • Ability to integrate client HR systems with the Learn Up platform through the use of a functional REST Api.
  • Sales of training through the platform.

Platform offer

You can order the Learn Up e-learning platform in one of two versions:



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