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Make more complete product knowledge and trading standards available to your entire sales network, contributing to a sustainable increase in your sales.

Share your product knowledge with your Business Partners

Introduce a modern in-company training system to train your entire distribution network and business partners. Use e-learning tools to deliver more regular and intensive training on the entire product range. Understanding of the products by hundreds or even thousands of employees is key to achieving a significant proportion of sales volume in the market.

Deliver dedicated courses for Business Partners

Are the sales staff or installers who work in partner companies familiar with your products and able to sell them effectively? With the analytics and functionality of the Learn Up platform, you will have complete clarity on this issue. By inviting them to participate in specially designed product courses, you can ensure that their knowledge of your products is at the right level

Start an initiative
with a Business Partner Certification Programme

Using the capabilities offered by the Learn Up platform, you are able to effectively implement a Business Partner Certification Programme extremely quickly and efficiently. This not only enables you to provide your Partners with the necessary product and product range knowledge in a short period of time, but also allows you to accurately verify their understanding of and compliance with your terms and conditions.

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