For the production

A large number of dedicated functions for production companies offer support in to carry out rapid and cost-effective implementation, positioning and development.

Essential resources
for manufacturing companies available in one place

An employee needs to assimilate key information quickly in order to be best prepared for work. Procedures, safety rules, job instructions (especially for Foremen, Masters, Leaders and Managers), as well as the development of the skills of the employee already employed can be delivered through the Learn Up platform. This platform enables all necessary information to be acquired at a flexible pace, enabling employees to learn anytime, anywhere and on a variety of devices.

Preparing and supporting the new person to work effectively

Many manufacturers find it difficult to bring new employees into their facilities. New generations entering the workforce have different expectations of the learning process. They usually prefer more interactive learning methods. The Learn Up platform has been created precisely to help manufacturing companies successfully induct employees. By combining traditional methods with modern online solutions, a hybrid induction process can be created. Theory (e.g. the transfer of principles and theoretical knowledge) can now be delivered online via recorded instructional videos or technical manuals.

Hybrid development and implementation
available at a glance

With our proprietary solution, you will build hybrid induction and employee development. You will effectively share key information important to you and your employees on the platform. You will gain full control over your progress as you can monitor it at any time. The platform saves you both time and money. An implementation or development path prepared once can be used repeatedly, with each employee, virtually eliminating the need for supervision.

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