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E-learning solutions are ideally suited to the needs of sales departments.

Getting salespeople to know your product can now be easier, cheaper, faster than ever

Salespeople need to have a deep and up-to-date knowledge of the products on offer. They must be familiar with the products and solutions of the competition, and they must be able (and motivated) to implement new products and promotions. At the same time, it is worthwhile to regularly test their knowledge, so that they are judged not by the potential of the territory or location, but by the skills they present.

Online product training at your fingertips

Thanks to the Learn Up platform, we can improve our sales figures. Regular knowledge transfer and testing means higher conversions, increased receipt / basket / invoice value through upselling and cross selling, greater product belief and rapid implementation of new products, but remember the list of benefits is longer.

Focus on continuous development

A well-set up training process, based on online solutions with offline elements, will ensure that your key sales indicators can grow from quarter to quarter. It is certainly not the case that your sales team knows everything about the products you sell. Realise the potential that lies within them. Set aside the next new acquisitions and the next phases of the company’s development for a while to get more out of the existing structure.

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