For HR
and training

A huge number of online tools offer unique opportunities for fast and cost-effective training processes.

All necessary resources
for HR in one place

Procedures, regulations, products, company policies, performance standards. The employee needs to assimilate these in the shortest possible time to start operating at full capacity. Support the employee’s implementation through the Learn Up platform, with individual paths for each job. The Learn Up platform will help you learn all the information at a specific pace, independently at any time, any place and on any device.

Preparing a new person
to work effectively

Many companies struggle to effectively induct new people. In their eagerness to get employees up to speed quickly, they completely forget the characteristics of the so-called generation Z. Young people have one thing in common – a love of mobile tools. The modern form of acquiring knowledge through animations, videos or drawings is tailored to the expectations of those entering the labour market. As many as 69% of employees who have gone through a proper induction process are more likely to stay with the organisation for a minimum of three years.

Ensure continuous progression around the clock

With our proprietary solution, you will effectively share key information about your business. You will gain full control over progress as you can monitor your employees’ progress at any time, keeping track of what materials they are reviewing and how many tests they are passing. This solution saves both time and money. The prepared development path can be used repeatedly, with each new employee, eliminating the need for supervision.

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