Our library has dozens of training courses that touch on universal business topics.

The content of our courses has been developed by experts and specialists.

The implementation of compliance training courses is:

Safety in the company

Regulations continually impose penalties on employers for non-compliance or ignorance of regulations by employees. Get confirmation of employees’ due familiarity with the regulations.

Raising standards

You will strengthen your company’s position by ensuring the highest standards of attention to legal compliance and clear accountability, gaining increased confidence from investors, employees and clients.


You will quickly discover the first signs of risks and irregularities and react to them before it is too late.

Risk awareness

You will gain an awareness of the risks associated with the lack of procedures in the company, allowing you to react quickly and take appropriate steps.

We will create a
compliance course for you

If you have procedures in your company that you need to train your employees on, we would be happy to prepare a customised e-learning course for you.

Compliance course offer

Anti-harassment and anti-discrimination

Data Protection Regulation

Cyber security in the company

First aid

Health and safety at work

Course prices are set individually and depend on the number of courses selected and the number of people for whom they will be made available. With a small budget, subtle adjustments can be made to align the course with your company’s corporate identity.

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