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Structure your product strategy so that your employees can understand it better, resulting in higher conversion of marketing activities into sales results.

Initiate the marketing process from within the company

Before you start promoting your product to the market, ensure that internal employees, especially the sales, customer service, technical and service teams, are properly trained. Lack of product knowledge among employees can negatively affect the effectiveness of marketing activities. Therefore, it is essential to provide them with education on marketing strategies, product innovations and how to communicate and handle products.

Improve the effectiveness of cooperation between the marketing department and the sales team

Implementing a new product or service? Make sure the teams know the benefits for the customer and are able to convey the narrative you have developed to customers. When the marketing department introduces new products, it is not aware of how the new knowledge is being absorbed by the salespeople. The solution to this problem is technology that supports the training of salespeople at minimal cost and allows you to audit what they have already learned.

The platform will help the sales team to implement the marketing strategy more effectively

Creating a central database of marketing materials and making them available to employees can increase awareness of marketing activities within the company. This will help communicate new promotions and products more efficiently and ensure that the sales team has a good understanding of the rules and communicates them effectively to customers, which can ultimately increase sales performance and reduce turnover among distributors.

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