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E-learning platform

Once the formal arrangements have been made, we send you the platform implementation material and request some materials. Once we have received the materials, our dedicated consultant will contact you to arrange the details. He will also send you an Excel file into which you should enter the list of employees (platform users). The final stage is an implementation and training meeting with our consultant and the import of the accounts into the platform, thus making it operational for all users. This takes a maximum of a few working days once all the details have been agreed. The time is always adapted to the client’s expectations.

The cost of a LearnUp platform subscription depends on the number of users of the platform. We have several pricing options prepared for you.

The cost of the subscription agreed with the client includes all charges – there are no additional fees.

Once you have decided that you are interested in purchasing the LearnUp platform – we will send you a simple and very clear platform agreement with attachments for your review and signature.

When you purchase the LearnUp platform on a subscription basis, you get access to all its functionalities.

We always determine this with the customer during business discussions; it is the customer’s decision for how long they want to use the platform.

The launch of the Learn Up platform is a quick and efficient process taking a maximum of 2 days. It all depends on the parties’ arrangements and the functionality of the platform.

After purchasing the platform, the customer receives full post-implementation support for platform administrators, and it is also possible to purchase full end-user support for the platform as an additional service.

The Learn Up platform is fully adapted to work on mobile devices.

The user limit is always adapted to the client and its needs. The platform does not have a participant/user limit in principle.

The Learn Up platform has a number of mechanisms in place to ensure that client-side administrators know in real time that participants have read the training or content assigned to them.

The Learn Up platform gives you the full ability to import off-the-shelf training. It also has its own database of ready-made training courses.

It is possible to fully customise the Learn Up platform to meet customer expectations.

The Learn Up platform can be integrated with external systems.

The Learn Up platform is also available in English as a base language. It also has a mechanism for translating the platform in any language.

Training courses

We have a number of courses in our database on various topics including: soft skills training, legally required training, sales training, health and safety training.

Training can be purchased under various licences. The most common are: temporary user licence, temporary licence with no limit on the number of users, permanent licence with no limit on the number of users.

The delivery of courses does not require the purchase of a platform, we have a dedicated platform to make ready-made courses available to our clients.

It is possible to generate a personal certificate upon completion of the training.

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